Today’s Wordle #876 Hints, Clues And Answer For Sunday, November 12th

It’s Sunday, which often means we take a brief look back on this day in history and what big, important, world-changing events took place.

Here’s some significant ones for November 12th:

  1. 1912 – Discovery of Robert Scott’s Antarctic Expedition Diary: The ill-fated Terra Nova Expedition led by Robert Falcon Scott, which aimed to be the first to reach the South Pole, ended tragically in 1912. On November 12th of that year, a search party discovered Scott’s last diary entries, revealing the fate of the expedition.
  2. 1927 – Leon Trotsky Expelled from the Soviet Communist Party: This marked a significant point in the power struggle following Vladimir Lenin’s death, leading to Joseph Stalin’s rise to power in the Soviet Union.
  3. 1933 – First Known Photo of the Loch Ness Monster: The Loch Ness Monster, a creature said to inhabit Loch Ness in Scotland, gained worldwide attention when Hugh Gray took the first known photograph on this day.
  4. 1936 – San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge Opens: This bridge, spanning the San Francisco Bay in California, was the longest suspension bridge in the world at the time of its opening.
  5. 1942 – World War II: Naval Battle of Guadalcanal Begins: This was a significant and complex naval battle in the Solomon Islands, marking a pivotal moment in the Pacific theater of World War II.
  6. 1970 – Bhola Cyclone Hits East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh): One of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history, this cyclone claimed up to 500,000 lives and led to significant political repercussions, contributing to the Bangladesh Liberation War.
  7. 1980 – The NASA Space Probe Voyager I Makes Its Closest Approach to Saturn: This event marked a significant milestone in space exploration, providing a wealth of data about Saturn and its moons.
  8. 1990 – Tim Berners-Lee Publishes a Formal Proposal for the World Wide Web: This proposal laid the groundwork for what would become the internet as we know it today.
  9. 1997 – Ramzi Yousef Found Guilty of Masterminding the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing: This marked a significant moment in the fight against international terrorism.
  10. 2011 – Silvio Berlusconi Resigns as Prime Minister of Italy: His resignation came amid a financial crisis and personal scandals, marking the end of one of the most controversial periods in Italian politics.

Okay, let’s Wordle!

How To Solve Today’s Word

The Hint: You’ll have to think past-tense.

The Clue: This word begins and ends with a consonant.




See yesterday’s Wordle #875 right here.

Wordle Bot Analysis

After each Wordle I solve I head over to the Wordle Bot homepage to see how my guessing game was.

Can you solve today’s phrase?

Well that was a crazy lucky opening guess! I had just watched an episode of Invincible on Amazon Prime Video (great show, by the way!) and was thinking “heroes” at first, but it’s never great to guess a plural since plural words can’t be the correct answer. So I turned it over in my head and came up with agent, which is a great opening word no matter what but was, today, absolutely phenomenal. Two yellow boxes and two green boxes!

I could only come up with two words to choose from: meant and leant and honestly I just had to pick one. I figured I had a 50/50 shot and there’s no point thinking about it too hard. To my great delight, meant was the winner!

Today’s Score

I get 1 point for guessing in three and 1 for beating Wordle Bot, who guessed in three. 2 points for me! Huzzah!

Today’s Wordle Etymology

The word “meant” is the past tense and past participle of the verb “mean,” which has its origins in the Old English word “mænan.” This Old English term, in turn, likely came from the Proto-Germanic “*mainijan,” which meant “to tell, inform, signify, or complain.”

The Proto-Germanic root is connected to the Proto-Indo-European root “*meino-“, which is also related to the concept of intending or having a purpose. Over time, as the English language evolved, the spelling and pronunciation of “mænan” shifted to become “mean” in Modern English, with “meant” naturally following as its past form.

This evolution reflects a common process in language development, where words undergo phonetic, morphological, and semantic changes over centuries.

Play Competitive Wordle Against Me!

I’ve been playing a cutthroat game of PvP Wordle against my nemesis Wordle But. Now you should play against me! I can be your nemesis! (And your helpful Wordle guide, of course). You can also play against the Bot if you have a New York Times subscription.

Here are the rules:

  • 1 point for getting the Wordle in 3 guesses.
  • 2 points for getting it in 2 guesses.
  • 3 points for getting it in 1 guess.
  • 1 point for beating me
  • 0 points for getting it in 4 guesses.
  • -1 point for getting it in 5 guesses.
  • -2 points for getting it in 6 guesses.
  • -3 points for losing.
  • -1 point for losing to me

You can either keep a running tally of your score if that’s your jam or just play day-to-day if you prefer.

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