The design of Tesla’s Cybertruck from behind is getting roasted on X

Ah, the Cybertruck. Tesla’s so-called futuristic design has proven polarising since its reveal in 2019, with its angular, boxy frame looking evoking science fiction in a way that’s either cool or cringe, depending on your tastes. While the release seems to be forever getting pushed back, a few are starting to appear on the road – and for the first time, we’re seeing what it might look like to drive behind one.

Images of the rear end of the Cybertruck have recently hit the web, and are already getting mercilessly mocked. From a dumpster to a massive printer, there are plenty of things people seem to think it resembles – basically, anything but a car. (It seems there’s a theme here – people recently spotted that the Tesla logo itself looks a little like something else.)

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