The death of Apple’s 27-inch iMac is sad news for creatives

It’s been a fruitful few weeks for Apple fans, with the company unleashing a bunch of new M3-powered Mac devices. Among them is the M3 iMac, which takes the brilliantly retro design of the 2021 model and adds the super-charged new chip. But the it seems advent of one iMac is the death knell for another.

Fans have been hoping for a while that the company will release a larger iMac, replacing the 27-inch model that it discontinued last year. Particularly popular with creatives, this was the largest desktop computer Apple offered – but the company has confirmed to The Verge that it has no plans to release a 27-inch model with the updated design and chip.

The new M3 MacBook was announced last week (Image credit: Apple)

An Apple representative recently told The Verge that the company “encourages those who have been holding out hope for a larger iMac to consider the Studio Display and Mac Studio or Mac Mini, which pair a 27-inch 5K screen with a separate computer.”

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