The best projector Black Friday deals from only $70

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A projector is a fun and often affordable alternative to a traditional TV. Even a lower quality projector has a coolness factor to it that will make you want to pull it out from time to time. So, if you don’t have a projector already, or want to upgrade, be sure to look to browse the early Black Friday deals we’ve uncovered so far. We’ve found deals spanning multiple categories of projectors, so be sure to check out items from every category to see if you can find something you like.

Best Full HD projector Black Friday deals

Standard high definition is a great place to start your projector journey. These projectors are typically great for beginners and work wonderfully with home video, older films, and (if you aren’t too picky) just about anything else, too. Remember that projector screens (or your wall) don’t have pixels in and of themselves, so the display will be a bit different than the HD screens you’re used to looking at. Try these HD projectors for the best Black Friday projector deals:

  • ELEPHAS Mini Projector for iPhone —

  • GROVIEW 1080p WiFi Projector —

  • Miroir M600 —

  • Optoma HD28HDR 1080p Projector —

  • Samsung The Freestyle —

Best 4K projector Black Friday deals

If you do want a step up to something better, try these 4K projectors. In fact, our research suggests that most of the best projectors are 4K projectors. So, to give your viewing a leg up, consider one of these projectors while they are heavily discounted:

Best BenQ projector Black Friday deals

BenQ projectors get a special place on the list. They have fantastic build quality, premium features, and simple exude quality. Take a look at our recent BenQ HT4550i 4K projector review for an up close and personal look at what makes a BenQ a BenQ. Then, come back and shop these deals while you can:

Best Epson projector Black Friday deals

Epson strives to make projectors that have intensely high image quality. You’re also likely to see things like built-in Android TV and other smart, convenient features that you didn’t know you were missing from less advanced projectors. Shop these deals while they last:

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