The best logos of the 2010s

The best logos of the 2010s emerged amid a time of division, disruption and a perpetual connection to a tsunami of information. Amid Brexit, a tale of two very different American presidents and the looming global climate crisis, the online world at our fingertips offered escape. Smartphones proliferated, apps abounded, VR and AR became more accessible, and our experience of viewing and interacting with the world shifted as Instagram culture took hold. 

Brands were transforming how they communicated and engaged with consumers, focusing on clarity and speed. Simplification, legibility, minimalism and flat design styles grew in popularity, with subtler typography, solid graphics and fewer but bolder colours. Here, in no particular order, designers and industry experts pick some of their favourite logos of the decade. Make sure you explore all our posts on the best logos by decade.

01. Airbnb

(Image credit: Airbnb)

“What started as an alternative to booking hotel rooms, quickly revolutionised how we think about and organise accommodation when travelling,” says Connor Edwards, senior designer at Jack Renwick Studio. “Design Studio efficiently communicated the difference between staying in a hotel and staying in an Airbnb – warmth, personality and the chance to see a place from a local’s perspective. The symbol transcends language and culture, making it identifiable around the world, perfect for a brand that wants to create in you a sense of belonging wherever you go.” 

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