The Beatles Are Releasing A Final Song: Here’s The Story

We will also most likely hear the most sonically impressive Beatles reunion track yet. John’s vocal — separated from the hum and locked-in piano — should sound like it was recorded in a studio (and certainly not as distant and washed out as his voice was on “Free as a Bird” or “Real Love.”) And the mere fact they’ve decided to release the song — billed as the final Beatles song no less! — decades after they announced “the Beatles are no more,” suggests they’re pretty proud of what they’ve created.

John’s son Sean, who was likely toddling about the apartment when John laid down the demo to “Now and Then,” commented on Twitter back in June, saying:

“The AI did nothing but clean the noise off my dad’s vocal track. That’s all. Nothing else. The song was a demo dad had recorded and the other Beatles finished it off. Exactly like ‘Free As A Bird’, only the original vocal was a bit dirtier on this one so they cleaned up the noise with AI. There’s nothing fake about it. It is a new recording made by all four Beatles. My dad’s voice is exactly as he recorded it minus the noise… I shouldn’t speak too much on this yet but I’ll just say the track turned out beautifully and I think everyone will be happy.”

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