Suella Braverman should not be sacked, Cabinet minister says

Labour frontbencher: Sunak ‘too weak’ to sack Braverman

Sir Chris Bryant, a Labour shadow minister, said he believed Rishi Sunak was “too weak” to sack Suella Braverman. 

Sir Chris told the BBC Question Time programme: “I’ll tell you why she is there, it is because Rishi Sunak is too weak to sack her.” 

Asked if he believed Ms Braverman “should go”, the Labour frontbencher said: “Yes. But Rishi Sunak won’t sack her because he is far too weak.”

Welsh Secretary says Suella Braverman should not be sacked

A Cabinet minister has backed Suella Braverman to stay in her role as Home Secretary amid a furore over her claim that the police “play favourites” with protesters. 

David TC Davies, the Welsh Secretary, was asked if he believed Ms Braverman “should go” and he told the BBC Question Time programme: “Certainly not. I have got confidence in all my Cabinet colleagues. 

“But can I say, I have read the article and I didn’t read it the way everyone else seems to have done.

“We know that there have been issues with policing because the police have recognised that themselves. We know that during the Covid lockdown period the Black Lives Matters protests were treated fairly leniently but women’s rights protesters who protested quite reasonably about the fact that a woman had been raped and murdered by a serving police officer were treated, frankly, in an unacceptable fashion and the police apologised for that.

“Police don’t always get it right. I have been a police officer, it is very difficult to get it right.” 

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