Shutterstock’s new AI image editor transforms stock photos

Many creatives and businesses have long relied on stock photo libraries to bolster their visual content, but Shutterstock wants to transform the process. It’s blurring the line between stock photo library and image editing software by adding a suite of AI editing tools. And it could just save stock photo sector from the advance of AI image generators by adopting effectively adopting the tech.

Shutterstock aims to eliminate the need to edit stock imagery in design or photo editing software after downloading it. In what CEO Paul Hennessy describes as an “unprecedented offering in the stock photography industry,” one of the best stock photo libraries now allows users to transform any image on its site before downloading it. The aim is to become all-in-one solution for content and to make its library of 7 million images effectively infinite.

Shutterstock has added a suite of generative AI tools (Image credit: Shutterstock)

The past year has seen an explosion in generative AI tools for content creators. Adobe Firefly and Canva Magic Studio are the main heavyweights when it comes to tools specifically aimed at designers. But Shutterstock thinks that some users will no longer need to fire up another program to edit an image.

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