Mics Caught Travis Kelce Giving Some Thoughtful Advice to a Chargers Rookie

Travis Kelce lit up the Chargers in Week 7 with 12 catches, 179 yards, and a touchdown in the Chiefs’ big win at home. 

After the game, he could be heard giving some really good advice to a Chargers rookie, and NFL fans rightfully loved it. 

Los Angeles defensive end Scott Matlock approached Kelce moments after the final whistle and asked the Chiefs’ star tight end if he had any advice for a first-year player in the NFL. Kelce gave it some thought before sharing a really good message that Matlock seemed to take to heart. 

Kelce needs to be mic’d up more often, because this was great: 

.@tkelce gave some postgame words of wisdom to rookie @Scott_Matlock28

Cool moment 🙏 @insidetheNFL pic.twitter.com/YW6C4Jz3WL

— NFL Films (@NFLFilms) October 25, 2023

Too good. 

Fans agreed: 

this is cool! https://t.co/Eif55FpRZC

— ryan (@StillRyanFive) October 25, 2023

Look at Kelce man, so inspirational https://t.co/Akz76l8LOI

— Not Matt Berry (@parodymattberry) October 26, 2023

This is awesome https://t.co/x7N7iwehsa

— Kyle Henning (@kthen16) October 25, 2023

This is actually really good advice from @tkelce especially for being put on the spot like that. https://t.co/EMbvsDeJub

— Tim Smith (@timmys24) October 25, 2023

that’s why Kelce is legit. he thought about the question and answered thoughtfully. good dude. https://t.co/ndvBNKpcQ4

— Russ(X) (@RussMendo) October 25, 2023

This is a beautiful moment that Scott Matlock will never forget. https://t.co/KuClgmyKIg

— 🗣🎙‼️ (@LanceTHESPOKEN) October 25, 2023

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