Making Journey to Foundation – what every artist needs to know to get into VR

The VR landscape is shifting and developers need to think more creatively about how games and experiences are created, as well as finesse the fundamentals of virtual reality, that’s what Seb Bouzac, creative director at Archaic tells me, as we sit down to chat about the state of VR.

The best VR headsets you can buy right now range in power and approach to delivering virtual reality experiences. From PSVR 2 to Meta Quest 3 and HTC Vive there’s a broad range of ways to engage, and each one brings with it challenges. 

Archaic’s latest release is Journey to Foundation, a game based on the novels of Isaac Asimov and was considered as a connected experience to Apple TV’s epic Foundation series, and yes, an Apple Vision Pro version was muted. How the team approached its Foundation game is interesting, they pulled away from an Apple tie-in and instead created its own style, and I can some relief in Bouzac’s eyes as he tells me they were able to design their own look and style for Foundation, based on the constraints of aiming for the lower end Meta Quest 2 (it’s compatible with Quest 3).

The VR space is growing and developers need to manage how to match expectations on each headset. (Image credit: Archiact Interactive Inc.)

Journey to Foundation embraces the “hard sci-fi” aesthetic of the novels’ descriptions, grounded in the idea that technology has been present for so long that it just works, without anyone really knowing how. “We really tried to stay true to what we believed was the vision back then in the books,” says Bouzac, “creating a world that would be believable”.

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