Lady Gaga Drove College Peer Carly Waddell ‘Crazy’ With Her Singing

Lady Gaga’s musical antics apparently drove college classmate Carly Waddell up the wall.

“The Bachelor” alum talked about her time at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts during a Monday episode of the podcast “Trading Secrets,” hosted by fellow Bachelor Nation favorite Jason Tartick.

Waddell waffled for a moment before she began to dish about Gaga, eventually admitting that she was “not a fan” of the singer back in the day.

The reality star remembered the future Grammy winner, then known as Stefani Germanotta, as being beyond “extra” while attending Tisch’s prestigious musical theater program in 2005.

“(She’d) sit at the piano every single day and just play and sing ‘Wicked’ at the top of her lungs,” Waddell explained. “And we were all just trying to eat lunch. It was break time. And we were all, like, forced to listen to her.”

While she wasn’t denying the “Shallow” singer’s talent, Waddell said, “I just wanted to eat my sandwich. And so I used to just eat in the hallway. She was driving me crazy.”

Lady Gaga, here in 2008, ended up rubbing reality star Carly Waddell the wrong way during their time together at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Bruce Glikas via Getty Images

Asked if Gaga was “noticeably” better than her peers, however, Waddell gave Tartick a curt “No.”

“I mean, she was one of the good ones, but I wouldn’t ever be like, ‘She was so above,’” she explained. “But now she’s so above.”

It turns out NYC wasn’t really the place for Waddell after high school.

Earlier in the interview, the former “Bachelor in Paradise” contestant told Tartick how she and Gaga were the only two students to drop out of their 60-person cohort that year.

Waddell said she left NYU after her freshman experience, finding herself overwhelmed by life in New York City.

“Born This Way” songstress Gaga’s journey was a bit different. After dropping out of college, she spent the next few years sharpening her eccentric stage persona performing in cafes and bars.

By 2008, Gaga was a full-blown pop star, topping the charts with the songs “Just Dance” and “Poker Face” off her debut album “The Fame.”

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