Julia Fox Offers Refreshingly Thoughtful Reason Why Women Use ‘Baby’ Voices

Julia Fox may have pegged why so many women use, like, Valley girl accents and itty-bwitty baby voices.

The “Uncut Gems” actor took a Vanity Fair lie detector test recently, and right out of the gate Fox was asked about her highly stylized way of speaking.

“Some people on the internet suggest the way you talk is fake,” Vanity Fair asked Fox in the video released Wednesday. “Julia, is this your normal speaking voice?”

“I think so, yeah,” Fox responded.

“No, she’s lying,” the man who was operating the lie detector said.

Fox looked completely shocked by that result. But instead of getting defensive, she shed some light on why she may subconsciously use a fake voice.

“Maybe when I’m nervous, I lean into (being) ditzy,” Fox said. “And I feel that it kind of disarms people, and I think a lot of women probably do that.”

“You know, whether it’s the baby voice or the, like, damsel in distress, it’s kind of a defense mechanism so that I’ll be taken care of,” she added. “I think it’s subconscious, though. I don’t think I even realize when I’m doing it. It just happens.”

“She’s telling the truth,” the lie detector operator said of her explanation.

Kanye West and Julia Fox wearing matching denim in Paris in 2022 — which is a remarkably tame outfit for Fox.

Marc Piasecki via Getty Images

Fox was then asked what she thought about some fellow baby-voice and vocal-fry users like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. In regards to Hilton, Fox called her a “fellow Aquarius queen.” And although Fox famously dated Kanye West in 2022 soon after his split from Kardashian, Fox had nothing but positive things to say about the reality TV personality.

“I actually really love her,” Fox said of Kardashian. “I grew up watching ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ and I actually liked it before they were even cool. And when people would, like, bash her, I would always go to bat for her. And I thought she fucking killed in ‘American Horror Story’ so she is a multitalented queen.”

When Fox was asked if she thinks Kardashian is inspired by her in any way, Fox continued her diplomatic take.

Fox wearing what appears to be shower liners at the Cannes film festival in May, a look more indicative of her personal style.

Kristy Sparow via Getty Images

“There’s been some looks that are a little similar to me,” Fox said of some of Kardashian’s style choices. “But I feel like, you know, it’s just like, what’s trending, but I don’t know if I’m like on her mood board or anything like that.”

Bold fashion — at times bordering on performance art — has certainly become Fox’s “thing” since she gained more visibility due to her brief but highly publicized relationship with West. She regularly receives media attention for her wild looks, which have included wearing an incredibly revealing metal bikini to a New York Fashion Week event in September and sporting a garment bag as a dress earlier this month.

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