John Stamos Reveals 1 Thing Olsen Twins Told ‘Full House’ Cast At Bob Saget Funeral

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen apparently spoke their truth at Bob Saget’s funeral.

Last year’s somber occasion unwittingly marked a “Full House” reunion as every leading cast member was present to bury Saget, 65. Co-star John Stamos, who appeared Tuesday on “The Howard Stern Show,” mainly recalled the Olsens being candid.

“They came to Bob’s funeral, and it was so beautiful,” he told Stern. “They got us all together and said, ‘We love you. We loved our childhood. We’re grateful for you guys. We thank you for making those eight years so beautiful for us. We have such fond memories.’”

Stamos continued: “And everyone just needed to hear that.”

The Olsen twins were both famously cast as Michelle Tanner in the ABC sitcom at 6 months old and became world-famous after “Full House” premiered on ABC in 1987. They later abandoned acting to launch a fashion label, while Saget transitioned to stand-up comedy.

The late comedian was found dead while on tour in his Ritz-Carlton hotel room in Orlando, Florida, in January. Investigators found no signs of foul play or drug use and determined that Saget “accidentally hit the back of his head on something” in the shower.

A subsequent autopsy reportedly found Saget had COVID-19 at the time of his death.

“You know, tomorrow’s never promised,” Stamos told ET on Wednesday. “It sounds like a dumb cliché, but man, you never think it’s gonna be the last time you see somebody. He was everything that I wanted Bob to be.”

Stamos added his knees “hit the asphalt” when he heard the news and got out of his car.

Stamos and Saget had been friends for more than 30 years when Saget died.

Matt Winkelmeyer via Getty Images

While Saget told Jimmy Kimmel in 2017 that he didn’t like Stamos for the first few years on “Full House,” they later became as close as brothers. Stamos not only publicly supported his Scleroderma Research Foundation but attended Saget’s 2018 wedding.

“When you get to work with someone, when that work ends, whatever it may be, you don’t often see them as much,” Saget reportedly said during Stamos’ Hollywood Walk of Fame induction in 2009. “John has truly become my family. His family is my family.”

He added: “I will always be there for you and for your family because you are my brother.”

While Saget, Stamos and co-star Dave Coulier reprised their roles in the “Fuller House” reboot in 2016, Stamos told Stern on Wednesday the Olsens refused — because “a real offer” never materialized. The actor has since chronicled his life and career in a memoir.

If You Would Have Told Me” hit shelves and digital bookstores Tuesday.

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