How to block people on TikTok: A step-by-step guide

TikTok sometimes feels like a lawless land full of multi-layered discourse, trends, and unruly comment sections. And there are times when you need to set boundaries for your peace of mind. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to block another user on TikTok. Here’s how:

What You Need

  • iPhone and the TikTok app

Step 1:
Open the TikTok account you want to block

Unfortunately, you do have to navitage to the TikTok account that you want to block. For this example, I’m using TikTok’s official account. 

Credit: Screenshot / TikTok

Step 2:
Click the share button

It seems a bit counterintuitive, but the next step to blocking someone on TikTok is to click the share button in the top right corner of their profile

Credit: Screenshot / TikTok

Step 3:
Select Block

When you choose the share button, a popup will allow you to choose someone to share it with directly on the app. I have those blocked out here, but, trust me, they’re there. Beneath that, you’ll have the options for sharing the page outside of the app, by copying the link, sending it in a text message, or on another social media platform. Below that, you have four options: report, block, send message, and QR code. Click Block.

How to block people on TikTok

Credit: Screenshot / TikTok

Step 4:
Select Block again

Once you select block, a popup will appear that reads: “Block (insert account)? They will not be able to send you messages, see your posts, or find your profile. This doesn’t included extended scenarios like multi-host livestreams, duets posted by others, or group chats you both participate in. They will not be notified that you blocked them.” Below this message, you have the option to click “cancel,” or “Block.” Choose “Block.”

How to block people on TikTok

Credit: Screenshot / tikTok

There you go! You’ve blocked an account on TikTok. To unblock them, navigate to their profile and click “unblock.” You can’t miss it: It’s in the center of the page in bright red.

Happy blocking!


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