‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ trailer reveal set for December

It’s been nearly a decade of rumors, leaks, and speculation about the next Grand Theft Auto game. In just a few short weeks, all of that will be put to rest.

Rockstar Games somewhat unceremoniously announced on Twitter on Wednesday morning that the next GTA, which is almost certainly called Grand Theft Auto VI, will get its desperately awaited reveal trailer in December. The missive came from company co-founder Sam Houser, who didn’t say much other than confirming there will be a trailer very soon.

While it’s not confirmed yet, don’t be shocked if this trailer airs at The Game Awards, which will take place on Dec. 7. That event has played host to numerous big game reveals over the years, though Rockstar is certainly capable of stealing its thunder by airing the trailer on its own time, too.


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As for what to expect from the game itself, a huge leak in late 2022 gave us a basic idea of what Rockstar is cooking. All signs point to the setting returning to Vice City, a Rockstar-tinged take on Miami that last appeared in 2006’s Vice City Stories. There will most likely be multiple playable characters, including a series-first female protagonist. Anything else will have to wait until the trailer comes out, though.

These next few weeks might feel like 10 years.

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