Fans are mad Mauricio Umansky told Kyle Richards she can’t get more tattoos

Fans are displeased with Mauricio Umansky after this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

In the season 13 premiere of the Bravo favorite, Umansky is sitting across from Kyle Richards, his wife of 27 years whom he confirmed to be separated from earlier this month. However, at the time of filming, Umansky and Richards were apparently still together.

During the episode, the pair were seen discussing Richards’ tattoos, two of which Umansky had no idea existed.

“Well maybe you should be looking at my body closer,” Richards said.

After proceeding to show her now estranged husband all five of her tattoos, the mom of three confessed she wanted more. But Umansky orders her to not get anymore. And viewers, along with Richards, were not happy to hear that.

“No, Bean, that’s enough. Five tattoos is a lot…. I will not allow that,” Umansky remarked.

A perplexed Richards replied: “It’s my body.” But Umansky wouldn’t back down.

“Bean, stop that. You don’t need anymore tattoos,” he proclaimed.

When speaking to producers during her confessional, Richards pointed out how it seemed unusual that Umansky “didn’t notice” her two other tattoos. ““This is clearly a big symptom of not spending time together. Years ago he would’ve noticed a freckle on my body,” she noted.

Regardless of whether Umansky should’ve been paying more attention, fans of the reality classic were furious to hear a man try and police his wife’s body.

“Tough luck, Mauricio. Kyle can get as many tattoos as she wants. I like seeing this side of Kyle. It’s like she’s liberated and free to do whatever she pleases with her body,” a passionate person wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

One frustrated individual said: “‘I will not allow that’ BRROOOooo.”

“How one spouse doesn’t notice a new tattoo, that is some lack of intimacy right there, not just the bedroom but actually hanging out together,” another added.

“Who is he to tell her she shouldn’t get a tattoo?” a shocked fan questioned.

Amid Umansky and Richards’ estrangement, romance rumours have been circling between Umansky and his Dancing with the Stars partner, Emma Slater. In a video posted to his Instagram story on 26 October, Umansky and Slater address the speculation.

“We do want to address this story, this whole thing that’s going out and about, about whether Emma and I are dating,” he said. “About whether we went out on a date. For full clarity, we are not dating.”

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