Donald Trump greeted by cheers upon arrival at UFC 295

Donald Trump was greeted by cheers as he made his way to ringside at UFC 295 on Saturday.

The former US president has attended numerous UFC events in recent years, including 2019’s event at Madison Square Garden, which was headlined by Jorge Masvidal’s win against Nate Diaz.

And Trump, 77, returned to the famous New York City arena on Saturday (11 November), where two title fights topped the card.

Trump was cheered by the crowd as he walked to his seat with UFC president Dana White – a longtime friend and supporter of the former Republican president – as well as ex-Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson and rockstar Kid Rock.

Trump, who fist-bumped a fan while walking towards the cage, was seen applauding Diego Lopes after the first fight on the main card, in which Lopes knocked out Pat Sabatini in the first round. After stopping Sabatini, Lopes walked over to Trump and motioned at the 77-year-old.

Trump has been in New York this week while part of a civil fraud trial involving his businesses.

The former president was incumbent from 2016 until 2020 and is eyeing another electoral run in 2024.

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