Deezer’s new rebrand is a striking and colourful delight

Music streaming platform Deezer has revealed a brand new visual identity, complete with new logo and a redesigned mobile app. The service might not be as ubiquitous as the likes of Spotify or Apple Music right now, but thanks to its new splash of paint, it’s certainly one of the most striking from a visual perspective.

At the heart of the rebrand – quite literally – is a new heart-shaped logo. It’s a bold departure from the previous ‘equaliser’ design, and along with the rest of the new look, it’s delightfully colourful and energetic. (Looking for more design inspiration? Check out the best logos of all time.)

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Designed by Koto, the new visual identity is designed to reflect a strategic shift towards a new brand purpose, with the brand “reinventing itself as an experience services platform, with expression and connection as guiding principles to help artists, fans and partners to be and belong through music.”

The new Deezer logo (Image credit: Koto)

The bold, fresh and quirky new aesthetic includes the introduction of “Deezer purple”, a hue that the brand says hopes to be akin to how “Netflix is associated with red and Spotify with green.” The logo, meanwhile, symbolises a beating heart. “The heart represents the love of music, building a sense of belonging. Its shapes vary to represent beats and rhythms. The logo transitions between two dynamic states: one grounded in humanity, much like a heartbeat, and the other intertwined with music, mirroring music,” Koto says.

The rebrand includes a new typeface, Deezer Sans (Image credit: Koto)

Also key to the rebrand is Deezer Sans, a new typeface created in collaboration with NaN type foundry founder Luke Prowse. In a press release, Deezer describes the typeface as embodying “versatility as a variable font, offering a range of widths to cater to diverse brand requirements, whether for marketing materials or playlist covers. 

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