Cyber Monday deals 2023: Everything you need to know

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The Cyber Monday deals day marks the last big heave for the bargain-bearing behemoth that is Black Friday this November. That’s not to say there are no more good deals to be had for the rest of the year, as many people are still shopping for the holidays. Deals season has kicked off already, actually, as you can see in our roundup of early Black Friday deals.

But if you want to avoid buyer’s remorse, where you see something cheaper not long after buying it, then Cyber Monday is the last chance saloon as we very rarely see items go for less afterward for the remainder of the year. But is it better than Black Friday? Should you wait? When is it, and when do the deals start? Stick with us, and we’ll explain all this and more below. 

When is Cyber Monday 2023?

Cyber Monday 2023 takes place on Monday, November 27. That’s the first Monday following Black Friday. Any brand new deals that aren’t just carrying over from Black Friday usually begin around midnight PT in the US (or 3 a.m. ET), and most will end 24 hours later.

Do Cyber Monday deals start early and finish later than November 27?

Yes, we expect most Cyber Monday deals to be live by Black Friday a few days before. Cyber Monday is increasingly a continuation of the Black Friday event rather than its own individual sale. However, some stores will have fresh deals in reserve to launch on the day. These are usually for different products, so if you buy something labeled as a Black Friday deal on the Friday, it’s highly unlikely it will go for less on Cyber Monday. 

And the Black Friday deals start earlier every year, with mid-November, at the latest, being the point when most retailers have launched Early Black Friday deals, which you can essentially read as Early Cyber Monday deals too. 

The Monday before Black Friday (November 20th) is when an even bigger wave of deals will launch, and we usually see some retailers attempt a ‘Cyber Week’ of deals from the Tuesday after Cyber Monday. This last one feels like a stretch, though, and while there will absolutely be some great leftovers, holding off on a Cyber Monday deal to see if it goes cheaper for ‘Cyber Week’ is a bad idea.

But I heard Cyber Monday was bigger than Black Friday?

It depends on who you ask and in what category (more on this below), but the ‘bigger’ element often refers to many online retailers making more money on the Monday sale. This could, in large part, be due to people hedging their bets and finally buying items they’ve had in their baskets since Black Friday, just making extra sure another retailer hasn’t dropped the price further. 

Are Cyber Monday deals better than Black Friday?

On most categories, we’d say they are not – they’re often the same. Many retailers plan on running the same deals from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, but only while stocks last – this is especially true in tech. Clothing deals are a different story, though, as many retailers use Cyber Monday to majorly discount last season’s lines, so whatever they’re still trying to clear out can get further markdowns from their Black Friday price.  

If you’re curious to learn more, we spoke with several experts to break down the difference between Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday.

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