Black Friday ergonomic office chair 2023: Early deals in now

Black Friday is only a month away, and it’s a perfect retail event if you’re looking to deck out your home office with a new ergonomic office chair – and there are already awesome deals to report on. 

I’ve been reviewing and using ergonomic chairs for several years now, so you won’t find just any old office chair deals on this page. From now until the 24th November Black Friday start date, I’m going to lean heavily towards chairs that I have personally used and tested over several weeks (months in some instances), and rate extremely highly. I’ll also link to my personal reviews where possible, so you can get even more information before you buy. 

Ergo chairs come with lumbar support, and encourage healthy posture while sitting. They’re also a dominating bit of kit in any home office set up, so they have to look the part too. Rest assured, I know what an important investment a new office chair is, so you will only find the best deals in the best chairs here, ranked by how good the back support is, how well designed the chair is, and how good value it is as well. 

Below you will find more information about what to expect this Black Friday for office chair deals, plus the best current deals to be found. 

Best ergonomic office chair deals now

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Black Friday office chairs: What you need to know

When is Black Friday?

The serious ergonomic office chair deals are going to be coming over the 24-27 November. That’s the official Black Friday to Cyber Monday dates. However, we think that decent deals will be coming before then too. We’ve covered many Black Friday retail events over the years, and over recent events we’ve reported on great deal in the weeks before the event – including some deals that weren’t bettered over the official event dates. 

How do I know if a deal is good?

All of which can make you wonder, ‘is this the best deal that I’ll be seeing on this office chair over the Black Friday season?’ And that’s a good question. Luckily for you, we’re here to give you the best chance of answering it. When I report on quality office chair deals here, I will also give you a price context, rating the deal and stating if I’ve seen it bettered before – for example over October’s Prime Day – and I’ll give my opinion on whether it will be bettered over the official Black Friday dates.

What office chairs should I buy?

I will be mainly focussing on ergonomic chairs here – chairs that come with high adjustability and lumbar support for the base of your back. But I will also be highlighting great chairs that aren’t marketed as ergonomic. 

In either case, I’m going to make it clear what each product is, so you can make your buying decision as informed as possible. In all case, I will not report on an office chair that I personally would not use myself. 

Black Friday office chairs: Sale Predictions

This is a really hard one. Office chairs can be pretty steeply priced – sometimes well over the grand mark. These can often be almost halved in price (in the very best deals). On the other end of the spectrum, the budget chairs, like the Sihoo brand, are already fairly priced at under the $500 mark. You probably won’t see massive 50% reductions of them – more like $50. 

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